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Head Magician – Melissa Snover

Melissa is energy behind all of what you see here. The Magic Candy Factory and all of the shapes you can create are her very own magical creations. She calls the shots here to make sure everything is running just perfect in every Magic Candy Factory around the world. Melissa can’t wait to spread even more Magic around the globe very soon.

Head Magician – Bastian Fassin

Bastian is the top magician at Katjes and his grandfather was the first magician to start making Katjes candies many years ago. He is a lover of innovation and is very excited about everything that is happening right here in the Magic Candy Factory.  He can’t decide which candies he likes the best because they are all too cool.

Design Magician – Reis Hill

Reis is the magician that creates the brand of the Magic Candy Factory. From design and artwork to liaising and managing store installations with retailers using the latest 3d visualisation technology. When he isn’t eating he’s using his abilities to help spread the magic across the world!

Product Design Magician – Martyn Catchpole

Martyn is the product designer and 3D printing specialist here at the magic candy factory. He gets to design all the exciting new and ground-breaking shapes you see and explore all the new features and ideas in our candy test lab. He is involved in the creation of the magic candy factory machine and implementing it worldwide to bring the magic to everyone in all walks of life.

Media Magician – Caitlin Richards

Caitlin is our Media Magician and is in charge of promoting and spreading the magic. Her aim is to let people from all over the world learn about the Magic Candy Factory so that they can become Magic Makers too. She is also the executive assistant to Melissa, the Head Magician, and helps with lots of different aspects of our magical world.

Events Magician – Hannah Pink

Hannah helps to organise the UK launch events and is excited to spread the magic around the nation. She loves getting to use her creativity to design a selection of 3d prints. Additionally, she co-ordinates the Beta Test Store in Birmingham and really enjoys getting to interact with customers.

Beta Test Magician – Liam Maier

Liam is a product design and beta test magician. He helps with new candy designs as well as custom prints through the online store. He likes pushing the boundaries on what’s possible to print. By operating the factories beta test in Berlin since the beginning, Liam has seen every stage of the printers development can make sure the magical settings are just right so your candy is printed exactly the way you want it.

Magical Ingredient Maker – Bulent Aydin

Bulent is a genius when it comes to making fabulous, magical candy ingredients – From those rainbow fruit flavours to our face scrunching sour finishing’s. So when you just can’t get enough of that delicious Magic Candy Factory candy taste – it’s him you have to thank for that amazing taste.

Senior Product Magician – Gisa Schmaltz

Gisa is important in the Katjes world, she makes great decisions so that every thing goes just perfect regarding everything candy related! She is a friend to all of us at Magic Candy Factory and helps us makes the magic happen on a day to day basis.

Magical Marketer – Gloria Thyssen

Gloria is also important in the Katjes world, she manages all the magical things you see and hear about Katjes including the super fun Katjes Facebook & Instagram pages. She is a good friend to us here at Magic Candy Factory.